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To describe Skalpel’s music, one would use many words: ambient, swing, latino, trip-hop and broken-beat but the most descriptive is "vibe". Polish duo, Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudlo - aka Skalpel, return to Dublin to charm you with their music and hypnotize you with their visual effects. Skalpel have previously concentrated on unearthing sounds exclusively from Poland's rich jazz heritage. 'Skalpel' (2004) - nominated for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Music Awards - and 'Konfusion' (2005), both released through Ninja Tune, resurrected the dusty spirit of 60s & 70s jazz, redefined for 21st century audiophiles. Their last album – ‘Transit' - travels beyond these inspirations to the music of the Americas, across Asia, and intertwining Eastern European melancholy with Mediterranean warmth with their expanded soundscape now potentially filed under Experimental, Soundtrack, Ambient and New-wave. Skalpel’s concert will be preceded by a performance from promising local outfit Distinct Orbit. Their first EP was released in October 2016 and their highly anticipated album is expected to be released in September 2017. The band casually crosses the borders between musical styles giving a really interesting mixture of sound that is difficult to categorize. Their last concert at the closing gala of the PolskaÉire festival in June 2017 in the Button Factory, brought them wide-spread recognition and further expanded their progressively growing fan base. On September 30, the space of Button Factory, will be full of fantastic musical vibes and stellar visual effects. This is not one to be missed!!

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